Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tribute to the crafter's of Nevada County

We want to thank all of you who made Winterfaire a success this year.  It wasn't easy with the rain, but we managed to keep smiles on our faces and had hundreds of beautiful crafts for sale.  Sit back and enjoy a virtual tour - just click on the arrow below to see a full slideshow of Winterfaire 2010.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wet Winterfaire

The booths looked fabulous - the cafe area was decorated and loaded with goodies and the Girl Scouts entertained kids with face painting and helping them decorate pumpkins.  Everything was perfect  -- except for the weather which was exceptionally wet.  But in spite of adverse conditions, our members and vendors had cheerful faces and provided an exceptional shopping experience for those that braved the weather. 

Did you take photos this year?  If you would like to share them on this blog, I'll be happy to post them. Also, many of our members sell at other craft fairs during the holiday season.  Look at the new page that has been added to this blog to let our public know where they can find us this holiday season.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Visit Us at Winterfaire

Our special weekend has finally arrived and the booths are stocked with an unbelievable variety of fun things for your shopping pleasure.   Shop local and join us at the Nevada County Fair Grounds tomorrow and Sunday to find dozens of items for holiday giving. We will be there from 10AM to 4PM both days.  See you there!

Click on the arrow in the picture below to watch a slide show of what will be available.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We Welcome You to Winterfaire 2010!

Every year, for the past 28 years, the Craft Guild of Nevada County has hosted a sale of handmade crafts at the Nevada County Fair Grounds.  The founders of the Craft Guild envisioned an event that would help craft based businesses sell their wares and at the same time benefit the local community by providing a place to  purchase quality gifts for the holidays.   In today's world, where items made locally by skilled crafts people is a rarity, Winterfaire offers a rich shopping experience.  Buy  holiday gifts for friends and loved ones and maybe even a treasure for yourself.

Please visit us at the Nevada County Fair Grounds on October 23rd and 24th from 10AM to 4PM. In addition to shopping, you will be able to purchase home made baked goods and have a cup of coffee in our updated cafe area.  Bring the kids - there will be free and fun activities for them as well.  The Winterfaire admission is still just $1; parking is free and you will have an opportunity to purchase tickets for handmade door prizes. 

Winterfaire promotion video from Beryl Moody on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carolyn's Country Cupboard - Jalapeno Jelly

I started making this Jalapeno Jelly recipe in the 1980's when I got the recipe from a bank teller who got it from one of her customers. I believe that customer would be pleasantly surprised to see how far her recipe has taken me.

My friend and I started a Craft Boutique Show and I did not have a craft. That's when I thought  that the Jalapeno Jelly would be a good item. After our first show, the jelly took on a life of its own and my life with it.

From that point till now, I've done years of Boutiques, Christmas Shows and have won awards at the Santa Cruz County fair and several blue ribbons at the Nevada County Fair right here in Grass Valley. I have established a following of customers throughout the years and since my move to Grass Valley I now offer shipping.

This will be my 5th year in the Winterfaire and I hope to see everyone there!

Carolyn Statler

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet Ferne Olson

A few days ago I met with Ferne Olson to preview what she will be selling at Winterfaire.  As I walked up to her front steps, I was greeted by bird baths and garden stepping stones in a large array of designs.  Ferne explained how during a craft guild workshop she got so enthused about making them she just couldn't stop at one.  The original bird baths use a large organic leaf as the basis for their design.  Ferne has tried many local leaves and plants to make her garden art individual and unique, so you will find oak leaves, rosemary, maple leaves and many more. 
Note the detail in this lovely piece.  I'm not sure what kind of leaf it is (maybe our readers will know), but to me it has a prehistoric feel of a fossil pattern embedded in rock. 

This piece isn't for sale because it was Ferne's first piece at the workshop.  It makes a really striking accent in her garden.

Ferne also has a large collection of "adult" bibs - each one different and reversible.  She says she was inspired to make something cheerful for elder folks to wear at a special holiday meal, or to make an everyday meal a special dress up occasion.  There are lots of holiday designs, and some that will be just plain fun to wear.

Ferne and her husband moved to Grass Valley about 6 years ago.  She had been owner of a shop that sold crafts and was worried about how she could manage a shop in Watsonville and still live here in the foothills.  Then something happened to the lease and Ferne took it as a sign that she could move on from her shop running days to a new life  She fondly remembers the good days when she and her mother sold jewelry at craft shows in and around Santa Cruz where she lived.  She did beaded jewelry, but also worked in gold and silver.  Then, the prices of gold and silver skyrocketed and beads from China became cheap to buy.  Her inventory of expensive beads no longer allowed her to make money in the new marketplace.  It was time for something new and today she is eagerly exploring new opportunities for selling crafts.

When you come to Winterfaire in October, please keep Ferne's booth in mind for a great gift for your favorite senior - or maybe something special for the gardener in your life.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Margie Brown's Dolls

When I went to visit Margie Brown in her studio outside of Nevada City, I was quite unprepared for the treat in store for me.  The shear number of beautiful dolls that live in every corner of her home are astounding.   Each has a personality of its own - antique replica dolls, modern dolls, character dolls, big dolls, little dolls.

Margie tells me that she has been making dolls since the mid 1970's.  She pours the porcelain into molds for heads, arms, legs and bodies, then lets it set until the piece comes out of the mold easily.  She cleans the molded doll parts and fires them in one of her kilns.  Each porcelain doll is assembled, faces hand painted and painstaking attention paid to all the details that make each one an individual.  After wigs and clothing are added, they become a doll collector's dream. My personal favorites in her large collection are the character dolls, so lifelike you almost think they might be breathing. 

In addition to making new dolls and custom orders for collectors, Margie also does doll repair work.  Be sure to visit Margie at her Winterfaire booth this year to see her dolls firsthand and chat with this delightful lady about her favorite subject -- dolls!

Click on the arrow below to see a slideshow of Margie's dolls and her studio.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting Ready for Winterfaire

Each year the Winterfaire banners need to have the old dates removed and new ones applied.  It's a good time to get together, chat and make plans for the guild's upcoming craft fair.
And after all the number have been changed, there is always time to work on a craft project.  Bennie is putting the finishing touches on a leaf she made at the recent workshop held at Cecelia's home.   The leaves are cast with concrete using an actual leaf as a mold.  After they have cured, the piece is painted and decorated.  What fun!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Scholarship Winners

We are please to announce the winners of the two art scholarships awarded by the Craft Guild for 2010.  The first place winner was Allaura Stadel who presented us with two pieces of her art work (shown above).  Allaura is a graduating senior from Bear River High School.

The second place scholarship recipient is Mason Martinez, a senior from Nevada Union High School. Mason's two entries were the drawing and painting shown below. (Unfortunately, you can see my reflection in the glass when I photographed his painting).

The judging was attended by 10 guild members, who ranked each entry on the quality and presentation of the art pieces and also on the essay that accompanied their work. Cecilia Thatcher was able to attend the scholarship award ceremony at Bear River High and give Allaura her scholarship check. 

The guild wants to heartily congratulate the winners of this year's scholarships and wish them the very best of luck in their future art studies.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Visiting the Elderly at Local Assisted Living Homes

Welcome to the new blog for the Craft Guild of Nevada County.  We are excited to make our entry into the world of blogging and to invite you to take an arm chair trip with us as we follow various members in community activities and watch them at work in their craft studios.

Our first post introduces Jacqueline Hastings as she visits several elderly folks at two assisted living homes in Nevada County.  Each month, Jacqueline takes a fresh bouquet of "everlasting" flowers to residents and stops to visit a bit and talk with them about their life adventures. This is Noah Mitchell, aged 98,who lives at the Casa Loma Care Home.  Jacqueline is presenting Noah with a bright spring bouquet to brighten his room.

Jacqueline also brought flowers to Pat Hurd who is 94.  Pat had a career in the military and is one of the oldest military women living in our area.
Here is Jacqueline at the Banner Crest Home with Juanita Dye.  Juanita is eager to tell her life stories, but isn't a writer and would like Jacqueline to interview her for a future news article.

Our last photo is Hurta (Harriet) Shaser of Banner Crest Home and she was featured in a Union article about the guild last month.  Hurta was surprised and overjoyed to find that her picture had been in the newspaper and wow, now she's on the internet as well!

We hope our new readers will check back frequently for more guild news.  The craft guild has lots of talented folks who create wonderful things in their homes and at Saturday get togethers in Nevada City. Our goal will be to share their experiences with our readers (that's you)!