Monday, April 5, 2010

Visiting the Elderly at Local Assisted Living Homes

Welcome to the new blog for the Craft Guild of Nevada County.  We are excited to make our entry into the world of blogging and to invite you to take an arm chair trip with us as we follow various members in community activities and watch them at work in their craft studios.

Our first post introduces Jacqueline Hastings as she visits several elderly folks at two assisted living homes in Nevada County.  Each month, Jacqueline takes a fresh bouquet of "everlasting" flowers to residents and stops to visit a bit and talk with them about their life adventures. This is Noah Mitchell, aged 98,who lives at the Casa Loma Care Home.  Jacqueline is presenting Noah with a bright spring bouquet to brighten his room.

Jacqueline also brought flowers to Pat Hurd who is 94.  Pat had a career in the military and is one of the oldest military women living in our area.
Here is Jacqueline at the Banner Crest Home with Juanita Dye.  Juanita is eager to tell her life stories, but isn't a writer and would like Jacqueline to interview her for a future news article.

Our last photo is Hurta (Harriet) Shaser of Banner Crest Home and she was featured in a Union article about the guild last month.  Hurta was surprised and overjoyed to find that her picture had been in the newspaper and wow, now she's on the internet as well!

We hope our new readers will check back frequently for more guild news.  The craft guild has lots of talented folks who create wonderful things in their homes and at Saturday get togethers in Nevada City. Our goal will be to share their experiences with our readers (that's you)!