Friday, August 13, 2010

Margie Brown's Dolls

When I went to visit Margie Brown in her studio outside of Nevada City, I was quite unprepared for the treat in store for me.  The shear number of beautiful dolls that live in every corner of her home are astounding.   Each has a personality of its own - antique replica dolls, modern dolls, character dolls, big dolls, little dolls.

Margie tells me that she has been making dolls since the mid 1970's.  She pours the porcelain into molds for heads, arms, legs and bodies, then lets it set until the piece comes out of the mold easily.  She cleans the molded doll parts and fires them in one of her kilns.  Each porcelain doll is assembled, faces hand painted and painstaking attention paid to all the details that make each one an individual.  After wigs and clothing are added, they become a doll collector's dream. My personal favorites in her large collection are the character dolls, so lifelike you almost think they might be breathing. 

In addition to making new dolls and custom orders for collectors, Margie also does doll repair work.  Be sure to visit Margie at her Winterfaire booth this year to see her dolls firsthand and chat with this delightful lady about her favorite subject -- dolls!

Click on the arrow below to see a slideshow of Margie's dolls and her studio.