Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Disappearing Nine Patch

At the last guild meeting, we spent some time talking about projects we could make for Holiday Cheer.  Betty Weibert had a great lap blanket idea using a famous nine patch quilt block with some new twists.  Click here for a PDF pattern of the basic technique. Sew the individual squares together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. This finishes to a block 15 inches square.  A lap quilt could be made from 3 across and 4 down = 12 blocks size 43.5 x 58 inches before borders; or 4 across by 4 down = 16 blocks 58 x 58 inches before borders; to 4 across and 5 down = 20 blocks 58 x 71.5 before borders.  

 Betty took some photos of the process from basic block to finished quilt top (not yet quilted or backed).

basic 9 patch block before cutting and rearranging

After block has been cut up and rearranged (see the PDF file)

Completed top.  Note the complex rectangular design achieved by the process described in the instructions.
This is a 3 x 4 square quilt and measures 47 x 60 inches. The instructions Betty sent are for a slightly larger size as these were precut squares at 4 7/8 inches and our instructions call for 5 1/2 inch squares.
The original instructions were given by Marie Strait. You can get more good quilt ideas from her blog and I found another tutorial online for the same pattern here.