Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rose Massara, The Elegant Rose Beaded Creations

When I am not riding my wonderful horse... I love to make unique beaded items such as large  and mini bookmarks, wine charms, sun catchers, clip on charms. zipper pulls, purse charms, Christmas ornaments, earrings... etc.. Please come by my booth which will be in the Co-Op area as you come through the front doors.                                                   

Rose Massara

"Nature is best from the back of my horse" -

Clip on Charms


Christmas Ornaments

Clip on Purse Charms

Bookmark with horse charm
Zipper Pulls or Clip on Purse Charms

Stemware Charms

The Elegant Rose has some outstanding gift ideas.  Be sure to visit Rose at Winterfaire this year.

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