Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rose Massara, The Elegant Rose Beaded Creations

When I am not riding my wonderful horse... I love to make unique beaded items such as large  and mini bookmarks, wine charms, sun catchers, clip on charms. zipper pulls, purse charms, Christmas ornaments, earrings... etc.. Please come by my booth which will be in the Co-Op area as you come through the front doors.                                                   

Rose Massara

"Nature is best from the back of my horse" -

Clip on Charms


Christmas Ornaments

Clip on Purse Charms

Bookmark with horse charm
Zipper Pulls or Clip on Purse Charms

Stemware Charms

The Elegant Rose has some outstanding gift ideas.  Be sure to visit Rose at Winterfaire this year.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Winterfaire Vendor: The Artistic Garden

The Artistic Garden

Sue Amidon-Mansdoerfer has been a vendor at Winterfaire for many years.  Her booth has many exciting gift ideas and maybe even something for your own home.  Please visit her this year.

This painting is called Treasures of the Sea.  It is available as a giclee on
canvas 16 x 20 and also available in a metal tray or hardboard tray and
coasters.  Susan truly loves ocean creatures and finds them a lot of fun to paint.

This painting is called "a Night To Remember" available as a giclee on
canvas and trays and coasters.  All of Susan's art is photographed and made
available to her on a disc.  From that disc I can use sublimation to place
these items into the surface of the trays and coasters.  The giclee and
metal tray inserts are done by outside vendors.  This process enables her to
sell the coasters, including images of Nevada County, at Tess' Kitchen Store
in Grass Valley.

This painting is called "Essence of Nevada County.  It can be purchased as a
giclee on canvas, on a tile backsplash, and on trays.  Each of the scenes in
this painting can be put on individual coasters.  It has always been a
favorite at Susan's shows.

Sue Amidon-Mansdoerfer

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lorraine Barba, Custom Crystal and Bead Jewelry

I enjoy making one of a kind crystal and bead jewelry for a hobby. The photos below are examples of some of my work.

I use lead free findings, also sterling silver, gold plated, and pewter findings for all necklaces and earrings. Most of my pieces are made with Swarovski crystals. I will have my own booth to display my work at the Winterfaire, I hope to meet you then.



Sunday, September 11, 2016

Susan McGuire and Pockets


It all began in 2015 with a worn out pair of jeans in my closet and needing to replace the small cross body purse that I’d been carrying for years.  My first attempt was pretty crude, so I tried again with the other half of the jeans.  That one is the purse I carry, now.   I hooked a carabiner to one the belt loops in order to securely carry my keys on the outside of the bag where they are easy to find.
I had so much fun with this project, I decided to cut up my white denim pants that were too big and made 2 more purses.  I thought they were really cute and that other people might like them, so I kept going with the maroon jeans in my closet that I was never going to fit into again; then a worn out pair of my husband’s jeans before searching for more at local thrift stores.

 The brown denim is the perfect ground for the embellishments of delicate gold trim and ribbon with little yellow roses.

 My husband thought the denim bag was a little overdone, I love it with that hot pink ribbon jumping off the background and the bold gold trim.  I started with the patterned ribbon, just looking for a way to show it off.

I have the good luck to live near a Ben Franklin Craft store where I can find all sorts of embellishments, and whimsy. 
Be sure to stop by my booth at Winterfaire and say hello!