Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Craft Guild's Facebook Page

In these days of social media, the Craft Guild has been relying on its Facebook Page to get the word out about our member's sales and events.   We also use our page to promote member's craft works and keep them in the public eye.  We have so many talented members and it turns out that Facebook is a pretty good place to showcase their work. 

In addition to posting photos and information about our guild's activities, we are part of the community at large.   We share photos from other local pages and have fun sharing a craft project or two from the multitude of craft sites on Facebook. 

We really hope you will like our Facebook page so that you can keep up with what our members are doing and what shows are being planned for the rest of the year.  See you there!
Handmade hats from the booth of Linda Gunderson

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